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Press: Nirit Takele at 1:54 Contemporary Africa Art Fair

In 2018, Africa First arranged and funded a collaboration with Ethiopia's leading Contemporary Art Gallery, Addis Fine Art, to host Nirit Takele for a 3-month residency in Addis Ababa. Her renewed encounter with the reality of her homeland has led Nirit Takele to produce some of her most remarkable work. This has led to an established relationship between the gallery and artist, which granted Takele her first US solo presentation at 1-54 Art Fair, May 2019.

"One of the first booths visitors encountered at the latest edition of the 1:54 African Contemporary African Fair in New York displayed paintings by Nirit Takele and Henry “Mzili” Mujunga. While their work differs greatly, they have a common denominator. Both artists understand color and utilize it to great effect."

Read the full article by Victoria L. Vaneltine on Culture Type here.

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