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Cyrus Kabiru Artworks on view at the African Studies Gallery, Tel Aviv

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Photo Credit: Idit Toledano

We are thrilled to have works created on the Africa First Residency by Cyrus Kabiru on view for the first time at the African Studies Gallery, Tel Aviv in the group exhibition Beat of Beads

Beat of Beads

"Beats of Beads features, among others, the works of Cyrus Kabiru, which illustrate the importance of beadworks in contemporary East African aesthetics. Kabiru collects stories, rhymes and scraps, and interweaves them into works that embody the diverse traditions of his homeland Kenya, and Kikyuyu, the largest ethnic group in the country . . . His visit in various places - the Western Wall, Masada, or sun-drenched Jaffa - planted story seeds within him that eventually culminated in an African-Israeli artwork. "

Photos courtesy of Idit Toledano and Eli Atias


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