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Collaboration with Lempertz Auction House

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Contemporary African artworks from the Tiroche DeLeon and Africa First collections on view in Brussels alongside Lempertz auction house's Tribal Auction viewing, January 2020.

Africa First Collection is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Lempertz Auction House. Lempertz is a family run business that has grown from strength to strength and which is celebrating the 175th anniversary this year. They are the largest auction house in Germany and the 4th largest in mainland Europe (ex Sotheby’s and Christie’s), the first 3 being French.

For this extraordinary year, for the first time, they will introduce a section of Contemporary African art into their main Contemporary auctions to be held in Cologne in May 2020. We are pleased that the collaboration included an exhibition of the contemporary works in Brussels alongside the viewing of the Tribal auction in January 2020, in parallel to BRAFA and BRUNEAF art fairs.

Such collaborations expose the artist’s work to new audiences, broadening visibility for African contemporary art as a collecting category and expands the market to significant collectors in Belgium and Germany.


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