"African Contemporary Art has been overlooked for far too long, I am proud to take part in its renaissance through active acquisitions, institutional lending, project development, and our unique Africa First residency program." 

- Serge Tiroche, Founder

Devan Shimoyama, Diamond, 2020 (3)_edited.jpg

Devan Shimoyama, Diamond - Self Titled, 2020


Africa First was founded by Serge Tiroche in 2017 as a platform to support and promote Contemporary Art from the continent. An active collector of African Contemporary art for over a decade, he decided to focus his private collecting and residency program on emerging artists from Africa and its diaspora.


Africa First actively promotes the artists in its collection through its website, gallery collaborations, a lending program, digital media, an artist residency, newsletters, sponsorships, prizes and commissions, as well as various forms of collaboration and advisory work with a multitude of institutions in the art ecosystem. These activities are essential for the advancement of the artist’s profiles and ultimately long-term value creation.

You & I, 2021_edited.jpg


The collection was founded at a time when the contemporary African art market was in its nascent stages and we were fortunate to benefit from the explosive growth and recognition that has taken place since. We are proud to have contributed a little to that change in visibility, understanding and interest. The continent is now starting to form a proper art infrastructure thanks to private sector initiatives which include museums, galleries, art fairs, media, non-profit spaces and art foundations, many of whom we collaborate with. Global demand for African contemporary art has grown dramatically. Within the continent this demand is being fueled by rising numbers of high net worth individuals and demand from African corporations. Internationally, more and more galleries, art fairs, collectors, museums and biennales are embracing African artists. On the institutional side, the growing interest in Africa and Diaspora artists was validated during the 2022 Venice Biennale where all 4 top prizes were awarded to black artists. In tandem, international auction houses have experienced incredible growth in African art auctions, with turnover surging 44% in 2021 alone, to over $70 million according to ArtTactic. In response to the pandemic related hiatus of the Africa First residency program, in 2022 we successfully initiated a series of joint ventures with commercial galleries around the world, aimed at promoting emerging voices from Africa.

You & I, 2021_edited.jpg

Kutlo Mabua, You & I, 2021

THK Gallery-Lerato Motaung-Thrill Team-2021-Oil on canvas-45x44cm_Full artwork image - Cop

Lerato Motaung, Thrill Team , 2021


Africa First has built a large collection comprising some 500 works by approximately 150 artists from all over the continent and the African diaspora. The platform serves as a resource for aspiring artists, collectors, curators and other market participants, and has a strong social agenda as it works hard to promote and disseminate African contemporary art. Our widespread lending program to galleries, museums and institutions around the world is coupled with promotional activities that include digital media presence, our artist residency program, a semi-annual newsletter and various commercial ventures, working with online platforms, auction houses, art fairs and international galleries. These activities are essential for the advancement of the artists and ultimately long-term value creation.