• Sizwe Sama: What Makes Your Heart Fly?
    Fri, 06 May
    Africa First x Gordon
    Sizwe Sama's solo exhibition "What Makes Your Heart Fly?" is an invitation to celebrate the little things that lead to a sense of fulfilment. Declaring that "you can't pour from an empty cup", the artist emphasizes the importance of making happiness a daily choice and a personal investment.
  • Tafadzwa Masudi: Pakutsvaga
    Thu, 31 Mar
    Africa First x Gordon
    The title of his current body of work is Pakutsvaga (On a quest). His brightly colored paintings depict scenes filled with balloons, people and patterns. Observed through the lens of a migrant person existing in a foreign land, the works reflect on optimism and the pursuit of a better future.
  • Tafadzwa Tega: "Zuva"
    Fri, 04 Mar
    Africa First x Gordon Gallery
    One of Zimbabwe's rising stars, for the first time in Israel.