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Weekend Homework : Artnet's Africa Present Auction

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Dear Friends,

Since founding Africa First four years ago, our mission has been to collect, nurture and develop the careers of emerging artists from Africa & the diaspora. Our promise was “to play a crucial role in promoting and disseminating African contemporary art”.

I am extremely pleased to share further information about our key project for 2020-2021, the launching of an African Contemporary art department at Artnet, along with “Africa Present” - a project imagined and developed by Africa First.

Artnet said: “Africa Present marks the start of a long-term investment into the contemporary African art market. Using the reach, contacts, and capabilities of Artnet’s global art marketplace, the venture seeks to raise awareness about contemporary art from the African continent.”

We started by launching the Africa Present gallery platform on April 1 with over 20 galleries presenting African artists, on and off the continent.


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